Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Julia, a Mystery CDP Blogger from Australia

Do you ever wonder about the mystery CDP bloggers?  The ones who seem to have few followers?  Who elicit just a single comment every few posts, but more often none at all?  Who don't seem to visit other CDP blogs, but who chug along, posting pretty faithfully day after day, year after year?

Julia is a mystery CDP blogger.  She doesn't tell us anything about herself, but a look at her blog, Newcastle NSW Au, tells us that she is passionate about environmental issues.  Julia began the blog more than ten years ago, in November 2006, and has posted consistently since then.

Let's surprise Julia.  Please click on this link and leave a comment of appreciation.

Friday, 10 February 2017

"Black and White in Color" is the Theme for March

Do you sometimes take a photograph in color and then notice that the image looks like a black and white?  Me, too.  Last May I was in Oklahoma City for a wedding, with time on my hands.  I went to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.  (Well worth a visit!)  A huge sitting statue of Abraham Lincoln dominated one wall.  I took several different shots.  In this one the blue field of the American flag had darkened nearly to black.  So, it is a "black and white in color" photograph.  

On March 1, let's see yours.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Greensboro Daily Photo Celebrated Its Eighth Birthday This Year

Jan and David T began Greensboro Daily Photo on January 2, 2009, to highlight their beloved community.  Greensboro is North Carolina's third largest city and is the county seat of Guilford County.  With Winston-Salem and High Point, Greensboro forms the Piedmont Triad, home to a million and a half people.

Avid photographers, this couple also shares their love of Greensboro on Facebook, and Twitter (as @gdpphoto).

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Chrissy Brand is on the Move!

Long-time City Daily Photo blogger, Facebooker and Instagramer Chrissy Brand is due to hit her 2000th post at Mancunian Wave on Monday, January 23.  She is also in the process of relocating from Manchester in north-west England to Hastings on the south coast. However, Chrissy will probably be in Manchester about a week each month, so she plans to keep Mancunian Wave going but on a less regular basis. Chrissy will also be starting a new CDP blog covering Hastings and the counties of East and West Sussex, called Chrissy By the Coast. Go take a look at her new adventures at the seaside, at https://chrissybythecoast.wordpress.com/!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

In February 2017, Let's Love Life!

In mid-February we have Valentine's Day.  To get us in the mood, the February 1 monthly theme for City Daily Photo bloggers is "Loving Life."  What will you show?  A mother and her child?  Two children being silly?  A couple cuddling?  A friend enjoying a good belly laugh?  How about a grandmother and grandson on an amusement park ride?

There are so many ways to illustrate "Loving Life."  Let's see what you can do.  February 1 CDP theme day:  Loving Life.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Eleven Years for Merisi's Vienna for Beginners

Prolific CDP blogger and active social media presence Merisi began her Vienna for Beginners blog in late 2005 . . . eleven years ago.  She shows us holidays, museums, shopping, nature, architecture, food and coffee coffee coffee.  Thank you for your consistently beautiful photographs, Merisi!

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A Group Effort for Eleven Years at Greenville Daily Photo

Denton and Connie Harryman started Greenville Daily Photo on December 16, 2005, to highlight their home town of Greenville, South Carolina.  While Denton and Connie are still the blog's publishers, other Greenville photographers often contribute.  In particular, Mike Nice has been posting most days in the past few years.  Thanks to all who have been keeping this lovely blog alive for eleven years.

Actually, it will probably be first on Facebook, or Twitter, or maybe you'll hear about it from the nice old guy next door. Whatever the case, if you have news to share, how about sharing it with us, so we can share it with everyone and actually make these pages useful?


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